Computer programs for automation of dental clinics

The more patients a dental center accepts, the higher the burden on its staff. Dental clinics use special software to provide high quality patient care, increase employee productivity, optimize medication consumption and effectively solve a number of other related tasks. Today, software developers offer dentists both complex IT solutions and individual modules that can be combined with each other in accordance with the needs of the medical center. A growing dental clinic should not save money on software.

The main functions of exceed software are:

  • Electronic record of the patient in the medical center and customer relationship management. The software allows patients to quickly make an appointment with the right dentist at the right time. The computer displays all the information on the schedules of doctors, and the automatic calculation of the cost of their services minimizes the likelihood of errors at the checkout.
  • Electronic filing cabinet. The software significantly reduces the time doctors spend on maintaining patient records. Tips help those who are not very familiar with computer accounting to work with the software.
  • Keeping records of the resources used. Software for dentists automates the accounting of used consumables, medical instruments, financial resources, thereby reducing the costs of the medical center. In addition, the automatic accounting system makes it possible to determine the performance of individual doctors. Using this software, you can also evaluate the effectiveness of marketing tools and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted by the dental clinic.
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